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What are the benefits of switching to heat induction cooking?

A move from either a gas or electric stovetop to that of an induction does not require a lot of consideration because there are so many benefits. The induction method is still new to the United States, even though it is widely used in Europe. However, once the benefits of induction cooking are taken into consideration, it is easy to see why it is becoming more popular.


Saving money never gets old and when you use an induction stove, you are saving money in energy costs simply because of the reduced cooking time. Induction stoves heat up quickly and therefore cook faster. Statistics also show that induction cooking saves 20% of energy for the same amount of transferred heat. Another feature that makes induction cooking more energy efficient is its pot size recognition. When you place a cooking vessel on a zone, the electromagnetic currents stimulate only the metal that touches the zone. Therefore, a smaller pot activates a smaller area than a larger pot. This adjustment in active zone area means nothing is wasted and energy is saved.

Environmentally Friendly

A product that saves energy and doesn’t waste it is environmentally friendly. And in a time when it’s cool and smart to be green, the heat induction stove fits in well. While you are saving money in energy costs, you are also doing your part in saving the planet.

Safer Cooking

A major safety feature on the induction stove top is in the process of induction itself. Induction causes the vessel to become heated, and so when the cooking vessel is removed, you don’t have to worry about little hands getting burned if they touch a zone. Although the stovetop will be warm because of the heat transferred from the vessel to the zone, it will not be hot enough to cause harm. Plus, there is also the residual heat indicator which is basically a light that remains on when a cooking vessel has been removed but the zone is still warm.

With the pot recognition feature, zones are deactivated when they are not in use. Furthermore, zones cannot be accidently turned on or left on once a cooking vessel has been removed. Only a ferrous metal-based object of a specific weight and diameter can activate a zone, so even a hand with a metal ring cannot trigger it. Plus, due to the magnetic induction process, zones cannot be set off by non-magnetic kitchen items. For that reason, this is a safety feature as well as an economical one. Other safety features include a pan-overheat detection mode and a child-proof lockout.

Easy to Clean

Induction stovetop features usually include overflow detection and shut-off which shuts off the zone automatically to prevent a large spill boil-over. But even if a mess does occur on your stovetop, the flat ceramic-glass surface is easy to clean and maintain. Because the stove does not get hot, spilled food will not grill on the surface and become difficult to remove. Of course it would be best to wipe off messes with a cloth as they occur, which will be safe as the zones will not be hot. As with other flat top stoves, using a non-abrasive cleaner specifically for ceramic glass stovetops is the best option.

Professional Chef-quality Cooking

Cooking with an induction top stove has become increasingly popular because the cooking method is more conducive to many recipe procedures. With an induction stovetop there is more control and consistency. Not to mention, the process is a lot faster.

The induction stove is a god-send to professional chefs. If you love to cook or are a professional chef, then you understand that cooking is an art and that there are many dishes that call for temperamental recipes. Regular stoves cannot change heat temperatures as quickly as an induction stovetop. Time and heat sensitive dishes can be ruined in a split second if the right temperature is not met. Some induction stovetops have a precise temperature setting which allows you to switch from one heat setting to another at specific timeframes. There is also a memory setting so you can pull up special cooking times and temperatures for dishes you cook on a regular basis. This feature would be great in both a home and restaurant environment.

Fast and Efficient Cooking

There are not enough hours in the day, so who wants to spend a couple of them in the kitchen slogging over a hot stove? Parents who work full time already have limited time with their children. So after homework, cooking, and bath time, there really is not that much time left to just be together and catch up. With induction stove tops cooking times are literally cut in half, and with features such as the Power-Boost, the strength of a specific zone can be increased further so you have more time to set aside and be a family.

The decision to switch to an induction stove is an easy one to make once all the benefits have been taken into consideration. The fact that it’s safe and economical alone demonstrates that in a residential setting the induction stove top is a smart option. And in a professional restaurant or commercial kitchen, fast and efficient food can be produced without the art of cooking being compromised. Rather it would be enhanced.

Now that you have some great reasons to switch to heat induction cooking, read about what to look out for when shopping for induction stoves.