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How does induction cooking compare to other cooking technologies?


When comparing induction cooking with electric, there are many differences.

  • Induction cooking saves more energy, not just with its pot size recognition feature but also because it heats up faster, therefore cutting down on cooking time.
  • Electric zones take a while to cool down, unlike the induction stovetop which does not get hot.
  • Induction heating is much easier to control, whereas temperature transitions are slow with electric stovetops.
  • Cooking with electric stovetops warms up a room compared to induction heating.


Even though gas is preferred greatly over electric, there are still more benefits with induction.

  • Take into consideration the same energy saving benefits with induction compared to gas, as mentioned above with electric.
  • With gas you can control the temperature of a gas stove better than an electric stove, but induction is still much more responsive.
  • Flames from a gas zone are isolated to where the flames touch the cooking vessel. Food needs to be stirred on a more regular basis compared to the induction stovetop.
  • The magnetic induction stove is much safer than gas. Flames are dangerous for children, can cause fires, and the possibility for leaving the gas on is always a concern.
  • Gas also heats up a room, more so that electric stovetops, thus providing an uncomfortable work environment.

The many benefits of induction cooking far outweigh those of both gas and electric.

Now you know how induction cooking works. You know the benefits of switching to an induction stovetop. Now learn how to get an induction stove of your own.