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What are some things to look out for?

Installation requirements

Before purchasing an induction stovetop, make sure that your home and kitchen are prepared to have one installed. There are special requirements that need to be adhered to so as to ensure the proper installation of your induction stovetop.

Make sure that your home’s electrical wiring system can accommodate the requirements of your induction stove. Each model provides information in the installation guide laying out the power supply specifications along with maximum connection loads. Unless rewiring your electrical system is an option that you are willing to undertake, electrical requirements should be a major determining factor in your buying decision.

Also, during the installation process, great care needs to be taken to protect the inside electronics of the stovetop. It is imperative that the product is not exposed to significant amounts of heat. For this reason, special considerations and additional steps must be taken to keep the stovetop cool. Damaging your stovetop during the installation process would be a costly mistake.

There are also certain heat-venting specifications involved in the stovetop’s installation. For example, some induction stovetops cannot be installed over wall ovens and usually manufacturer’s specifications expect specific cabinet clearances to be adhered to. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you ask about all these requirements prior to purchasing an induction stovetop. Also, refer to the installation manual to ensure that your kitchen it set up in a way that will accommodate an induction stovetop.

Specific induction stove cookware needed

Because of the process of an induction stove, only ferrous metal-based pots and pans can stimulate the magnetic current. However, before purchasing a full set of new induction cookware, take a moment to test your existing collection with a magnet. Any cooking vessel that sticks to a magnet can be used on an induction stovetop. Another option would be to purchase cast iron or steel-plated cooking vessels in small quantities at a time.

The cost of an induction stove

An induction stovetop is a luxury item at home, but could be justified as a necessity when you weigh out all its features and benefits. Usually the induction stove price is substantially more than regular electric and gas units, but when you consider the science behind it, along with the benefits, it’s hardly surprising. Ranges and built-in versions average around $2,000.00, while portable stovetops range around $125.00. Oftentimes, customers pick a portable stovetop even when they are not in the market for a new stove, simply for the induction cooking option. They supplement their cooking abilities with the benefits of induction heating. Then when the time comes to purchase a new range, they have experienced the benefits and decide to invest in a full induction stovetop.

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