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What are the types of induction stoves available?

There are three main types of induction cooking stove on the market. Induction stoves can be built in to your kitchen, are available freestanding, and are portable. Both the built-in and freestanding versions are available with different size and quantity zone options. Plus, in some cases you can choose a mix of induction and basic electric zones. Portable versions are available in single or double zones.

Built-in Stovetops

Built-in induction stoves are flat sculptured ceramic glass units that you can install into your kitchen countertop. They are sleek looking and mostly available in black, white, and black with stainless steel trim. Built-in stovetops can be situated in a location that is most convenient to you. They are available is a variety of zone layouts and you can choose from a single zone to up to five.

Because built-in induction stovetops come in so many formats, there are many ways in which they can be incorporated into an existing kitchen layout. You may decide to place a single or double zone stovetop on a counter next to your existing gas or electric stove, -front to back or side to side duel. Or you may choose to replace your existing stove altogether with a full induction stovetop in its place, and then install cupboards or shelving underneath. Another idea would be to install two double zone stovetops side by side, but with a little workspace in between. Also, if you have a wheelchair bound family member, you could take advantage of the flatness of the stovetop by opting to leave an open area underneath it for easy access. Whatever you decide, the built-in version of the induction stovetop allows many possibilities.

Freestanding Slide-in Ranges

Freestanding slide-in ranges are also available with induction stovetops over ovens, and they fit in between counters. Full ranges are primarily offered in a modern stainless steel and black, two-tone design. If you decide to replace your whole range with an induction range, you will be offered a number of zone options. Induction stovetops in freestanding ranges are available in many layouts, zone counts, and zone sizes. They are also offered in a mix of electric and induction zones. This option would increase cooking methods and flexibility. When selecting a freestanding range, look for the following features for the attached oven: Three-fan convection bake and roast, a variable broil element, child-safety lock, delayed start, auto shut-off, “SteamQuick" self-clean, and a warming drawer.

Consider the following features available in both built-in and freestanding induction stovetops. Note, however, that these are not all the features available, and that these elements may not be offered on all models. Check first before making your purchase.

  • Multi-level power
  • Touchpad controls
  • Timers
  • Slide-in range with induction top
  • Child-proof lockout
  • Simmer setting
  • Residual-heat indicators
  • Pan-size detection
  • Keep-warm function
  • Pot and pan recognition
  • Overheat shut-off
  • Spill-detect shutoff
  • Auto-safety switch-off

Portable, Single, Standalone Units

The convenience and versatility of a portable, standalone induction unit is priceless. These versions of induction stove are primarily available in black or white. With this type of induction cooktop stove you can introduce induction cooking whenever and wherever it suits you, and then store the unit when it’s not in use. You can bring your induction stovetop to a friend’s home, or create a temporary outdoor kitchen. However you decide to use this portable induction stove, it will provide fast and consistent cooking to the occasion. Portable induction stoves are available in single or double units. More often these units are used to supplement a current kitchen layout. However, they can also be used in an in-law apartment.

Consider the following features available in portable induction stovetops. Note, however, that these are not all the features available, and that these elements may not be offered on all models. Check first before making your purchase.

  • Pan recognition
  • Temperature memory
  • "Hot" warning display
  • Digital LED readout
  • Safety sensor
  • Auto power off that activates when the unit is not in use.
  • Multi-level heating,
  • Timer
  • LED display

There are many ways in which you can introduce an induction cook stove into your kitchen. The process is simple, and the benefits are overwhelming.