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What is heat induction?

In the manufacturing arena, induction heating is a scientific process that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the electrical currents within a metal, causing them to heat up. The procedure is quick, consistent, and is used to link metals or change their state.

How does heat induction work?

In the case of an induction stove, magnetic energy inside the coils of the stovetop generate electromagnetic fields that initiate a warming reaction with the substance of the steel-based cooking vessel. This, in turn, causes the cooking vessel to heat. The coil does not heat up during this process. However, because all of the energy is transmitted to the base of the cooking vessel only, the cooking vessel actually cooks the food, not the stove. Additionally, because there has to be stimulation between the metal of the vessel and the coil, once the vessel is removed, the process is broken.

In contrast to the induction cooking process, other types of stovetops create a heat source –either the coils of an electric stove or the flames of a gas stove- which warm up and cook the food through the cooking vessel. Induction cooking is very popular with professional chefs who find that working on gas or electric stovetops is just not conducive to certain cooking methods. With an induction cooktop, they have much more control.

Now that you know how heat induction works, take a look at the types of heat induction stoves that are available.